By day, I write songs and hunt for butterflies. By night, I read books and consult and train with forward-thinking experts around the world on health and advances in alternative medicine. And in my free time, I look for the best place outside the city to camp under the stars. The Wildery is the collision of these interests, because I believe true health is a body, mind and spirit thing, it’s about exploring Wellbeing for Your Whole Being™.

Our Stories

Our stories are powerful, yours and mine. Whether raw or refined, broken or mended, or somewhere in between, our winding stories carry weight and value. We are more than our vocations, more than our locations, more than our dreams and more than our genes. So, for The Wildery (a wellness blog) to only place emphasis on flesh and bones, without honoring stories and souls, would mean we’d miss out on exploring what true, vibrant health means: Wellbeing for Your Whole Being™. You’ll see stories dotting the pages here frequently.

My Experience

After years of informal study in health and wellness, I began a unique form of training in integrative and naturopathic oncology in 2015 through a one year Community Coaching program with Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, L.Ac, Dipl.OM. and Optimal Terrain Consulting, which I completed in October 2016 as a first step to becoming a Patient Advocate.

This program included weekly virtual and interactive Terrain Talks, dialogues and Q&A sessions, hosted by Dr. Winters, and often featured special guests with expertise in cancer and other diverse, but complementary, fields from around the world. In addition to weekly Terrain Talks, I participated in monthly classes where Dr. Winters outlined and expanded upon her unique Terrain Ten model of approaching wellness from a whole body perspective―including epigenetics, the microbiome, the immune system, toxin exposures, and blood sugar balance as they relate to the cancer process. Her insights, as both a 20+ year cancer survivor and medical practitioner, were the focal point of these private classes and will be detailed more publicly in her book, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet and Non-Toxic Bio-Individualized Therapies.

Beyond insights from Dr. Winters over the course of the year, my training experience was enriched through teaching from the following guest speakers: Steve Ottersberg (MS in Organic & Biochemistry) who is skilled in the study of epigenetics, the interpretation of SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and founder of Green Lab Solutions, which focuses on the effective testing of medical cannabis; Jenny Hrbacek RN, speaker and author of Cancer Free? Are You Sure? a groundbreaking book featuring research on early diagnostic testing that can find cancer years before conventional screening methods; Linda Elsegood, founder of LDN Research Trust, an organisation focused on the therapeutic use of Low Dose Naltrexone in a variety of diseases and immune dysregulation processes, and its use in forthcoming clinical trials; Dr. Zubin Marolia, who received training at Lukas Cancer Klinik, Basel, Switzerland and Helixor Cancer Institute, Germany in the field of Mistletoe Therapy and specializes in the treatment of cancer using complementary and integrative therapies; Dr. Grace Liu, PharmD, AFMCP, founder of The Gut Institute and expert in the human microbiome; Miriam Kalamian, EdM, MS, CNS, expert in the metabolic approach to cancer therapy using the ketogenic diet; Dr. Judith Boice, FABNO, ND and aromatherapist with expertise in the use of essential oils for wellness; Travis Christofferson, founder of Single Cause, Single Cure Foundation and author of Tripping Over the Truth: The Metabolic Theory of Cancer; Shawn Wells, MPH, RD, CISSN, FISSN, and Chief Clinical Dietician at Biotrust, and lastly; Mike Robbins, best selling author, speaker and life coach.

Ongoing Training

I am currently receiving ongoing training with The Gut Institute through an eighth month program dedicated to microbiome health and nutrigenomics.


I am not a doctor and the information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through The Wildery is for general information purposes only.