Wellbeing for Your Whole Being

by thewildery_o7iuis
Wellbeing for Your Whole Being

The Wildery is a way of life disguised as a lifestyle and wellness blog. And everything you’ll find on these virtual pages is about achieving Wellbeing for Your Whole Being™, hopefully with flare and fireworks.

While there is no everyone-drink-this-tonic-and-be-cured approach to health (it’s all about bio-individuality), there are certain key principles for living a vibrant, healthy life that should be applied across the board: your core beliefs matter, your thought patterns matter, your hopes and dreams matter, your words matter, the people you surround yourself with (and how you treat and love them) matter, your environment matters, your diet matters (a lot), the products you use on your body and in your home matter, joy is important, grief is important, and being honest with yourself and wherever you’re at in the journey matters. Because your story matters. And the beautiful thing is, you have control over and can influence all of the above. Because faith and science say so.

Eat Wild

Food is magic. What you eat has the power to transform your body (which impacts your mind and spirit) and contributes to the restoration of wellness and prevention of disease. The focus here is on consuming only real foods; not processed foods, sweeteners, and grains in most cases. Deep nutrition begins by moving away from fad diets and low-fat promises. It begins with a foundation of vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, organic eggs, grass-fed beef, naturally raised poultry and wild-caught fish, traditionally fermented foods and pure water. Eating in this way is shown to support an already healthy immune system, and with tweaks can modulate an over- or under-active immune system, optimize your gut health and microbiome, improve cognition and your sense of wellbeing.

Support for real food nutrition can be found here: Optimal Terrain Consulting, Remission Nutrition, The Gut InstituteDeep Nutrition, Against All GrainWhole 30The Weston A. Price Foundation, Robb Wolf, Practical Paleo, The Paleo Mom, Autoimmune Paleo, and Bulletproof.

Live Wild

Practically speaking, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of your home and personal products, and take steps to ensure that what’s around you and on you is naturally and organically derived where possible. But Living Wild also means that it’s vital to literally head to the wild, the backwoods, the trails, the rivers, the oceans, the deserts, or even a park. Just create some distance between yourself, cubicles and concrete jungles, Wifi and bright screens. We were never meant to be indoors 24/7, under harsh fluorescent lights and constantly connected.

The concept of rewilding is growing; the idea that we’re overconnected and under-whelmed, and that a return to simplicity, minimalism and nature can restore vitality, health and wellness. And there’s scientific proof: from Forest Bathing‘s ability to increase your natural killer cell function, to Earthing‘s ability to reduce systemic inflammation, to camping’s ability to reset your circadian rhythms, and more, getting outside and unplugged can do wonders for your body, mind and spirit.

Think Wild

Have you bought into the idea that your best years are behind you? Or that you’re too old to try something new? Or that you’re defined by a disease or label? Science has shown us that our thoughts dramatically impact our health, and that our thoughts have a direct and measurable impact on every cell in our bodies. The Wildery will continually explore the power that our thinking has on lives.

Be Wild

Mary Oliver, in her poem The Summer Day, writes: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Health is so much more than how well our bodies are behaving, so when we approach health in such a reductionistic way, we miss out on the magic that happens when we step outside the box, break boundaries, and redefine our lives. The Wildery will highlight forward-thinkers, game-changers and dreamers who are living out brave and unexpected lives.