Lemon-ology ◆ Why a Daily Lemon Can Transform Your Health

by Leora

Lemon-ology (The Aroma) // Beyond the soul-loving color they add to your kitchen, the benefits of lemons start from their rinds and extend to those nostalgic, lip-puckering juices reminiscent of childhood lemonade stands. Lemon essential oil comes from cold-pressing the lemon rind and not the inner fruit, as the rind contains the most dense array of healing phytonutrients. Over 500 studies have been conducted on the value of a lemon’s essential oils, including its ability to improve neurological function, alertness, mood and more. Start your morning by zesting a washed, organic lemon and breathing in the aroma. If you’re ordering groceries online in the US, here’s a quick link to some organic lemons at one of my favorite retailers, Whole Foods.

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